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Kiashay Insurance Appraisal Management (KIAM)

Designed with the independent Insurance Appraisor in mind, the Kiashay Insurance Appraisal Management (KIAM) system provides the necessary components to easily process insurance claims. The ability to create fully customizable report and insurance item templates allows the user to quickly generate common insurance claim types (i.e. hail damage, flooding). Adding pictures and other documents to each claim is a simple process. In addition, because the product is built using the Kiashay Framework , it includes all the built in features such as word processing/rich text, expanded reporting capabilities, security, and the powerful user interface.

 A summary of features include:

  • Track and Report Insurance Claims
  • Ability to create Standard Claim Report Templates
  • Appraisal Entry
  • Create Appraisal Templates
  • Store images and documents with Claims
  • Lock completed Claims so they cannot be changed
  • Mail Enabled reporting
  • Per-Record licensing available

For more information or for a demo of the software please contact us at KIAM Info