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Kiashay Document Manager

Document management is a problem almost every company must deal with. Trying to find a workable solution that fits your companies structure and method of doing business is a long and expensive process. When you do find a solution it often requires expensive development to integrate your document management system with your business applications. Our solution is different.

The Kiashay Document Management system can either be run as a stand alone application or it can be included as a add-on with other Kiashay products. Because it is part of the Kiashay Framework, it is fully integrated with any custom application we write as well as some of the products we sell.

The Document Management system is a robust, extensive application in it's own right. What sets it apart from other Document Management systems is the ability to integrate document management within other business system data. What is meant by this is that you can store documents independently within the system in the typical fashion (check in/out, categorize, control and log access etc.) but you can also take any of these documents and associate them with one or more business data objects like Parts, Customers, Orders, Invoices, etc. and access those documents via the Part, Customer

 Kiashay Document Manager features include:

  • All documents stored in a secure SQL Server Database
  • Security at program, category and record level
  • Unlimited document Categorization (parallel and hierarchical)
  • Check-in / check-out capabilities
  • Document change history with restore capabilities
  • Document locking
  • Document View History
  • Advanced Full Text search Capability
  • Document Tree Templates for applications
  • Document Tree for applications
  • Full integration with Kiashay Applications via Supporting Documents

For more information or for a demo of the software please contact us at Document Manager Info