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About Kiashay

To those of us that have been in the IT application development world for over 20 years, we have seen a lot of changes. Many of us started developing applications on terminal based systems which ran on either an IBM mainframe or Digital’s VAX. We used products like COBOL and RMS files or if we were lucky the first of the Relational Databases. Then in 1986 everything changed when Microsoft released the first version of windows.

Windows changed everything. It offered a rich user experience and allowed developers to create almost anything they could imagine. The users loved it and as windows continued to evolve the possibilities of what you could do seemed endless. Soon the power of the Web began to emerge and you had yet another tool to create ever more powerful and expanding applications.

We jumped on the Windows "bandwagon" quite early and began writing peripheral business systems using Microsoft Visual Basic 3.0 and SQL Server 4.21. We never looked back and as SQL Server and products such as Microsoft Visual Studio evolved we not only adapted but embraced the new technology.  Having years of business and development experience coupled with the new power and capabilities of Windows we were able to create line of business applications that not only satisfied the business need, but the users were actually happy to use the systems. Unfortunately, not everything comes without a cost.

We came to realize that while the Windows interface was powerful, flexible and had endless possibilities, the  cost was that it often took more time (and thus money) to develop a Windows based business application as compared to the 4th generation programming languages on terminal based systems.  At that point we began to develop a methodology of developing custom business applications in the Windows platform with a focus on quality and speed of development and thus the Kiashay Framework was born.

We continue to improve the Kiashay Framework and have successfully designed, developed, and implemented business applications at client sites using the Framework as our base. What's more, we use the Kiashay Framework to develop our own suite of products. We have shown that with our framework partnered with our years of experience building business solutions we can satisfy a company's business needs faster and with more functionality than they thought possible.


Helping Companies merge business requirements with new technology.