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What We Do

Kiashay Inc. (Kiashay) is a Calgary, Alberta based information technology company specializing in custom rich client business applications. Backed by years of Business System Development experience, Kiashay provides systems analysis, design, development and support utilizing a proprietary software development framework allowing for robust, reliable, secure, and scalable systems while significantly reducing development time.

Kiashay will also work with you to design and implement the computer infrastructure required for our applications, custom applications, or your own.

How We Do It

We leverage our real life business development experience with a proprietary development environment based on Microsoft’s .Net framework which we call the Kiashay Framework. The Kiashay Framework’s objective as a Windows software development tool is to allow for a significant reduction in development time and ongoing support costs, while improving the functionality and reliability of custom developed business system applications. It accomplishes this by addressing the majority of business application requirements such that the developer can simply inherit functionality and often just set parameter options to implement interactive forms, reporting, and batch processes. The Kiashay Framework “takes care” of most of the requirements that the software developer traditionally had to code for. The Framework includes some innovative functionality which previously has not been addressed or not implemented to the same level. Some of these items include:  Data Validation, Record Concurrency Checking, Batch Processing,  Security (Program and Record Level),   Record Versioning,  Record Locking,  Record Status,  Attachments and Document Management.


Business Experience combined with technical expertise for real life business applications that exceed clients expectations.

Our Products